“New Messi” Syrian will play for the Turkish team

Turkish football federation president Yildirim Demir Orn, a Syrian boy who recently granted Turkish nationality, described the “new Messi and the future of Turkey as football”.

Adam Matin, a 14-year-old Syrian, was granted Turkish nationality by Ankara, a decision by the government and the approval of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Skorer-Tv website reported.

In a speech at a cultural and sporting event held today, Friday, the Orn speech was attended by the wife of Turkish President Amina Erdogan.

Orn Adam called on Matin to the podium, announcing his joining the Turkish national team for the junior.

“From now on they call him the new Messi, he will become Turkey’s football future, and we will continue to work for a stronger Turkey.”

The Turkish government has already given citizenship to talented Syrians, notably the world’s most famous mathematician Jamal Abu al-Ward, pianist Tambi As’ad and table tennis player Tasnim Nabhan.

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