German of Syrian origin wins World Boxing Championship

German boxer of Syrian origin, Manuel Char, won the World Heavyweight Championship.

Later on Sunday, November 26, in the German city of Oberhausen, Schar managed to win points, with the unanimous vote of the referees, against Russian boxer Alexander Ustinov, according to Deutsche Welle.

The 33-year-old Schar, who won the World Heavyweight Championship, has been sung by the German press for more than 85 kilograms.

This is the first time Germany has won the world championship after German boxing legend Max Schmilling lost it in 1932.

“I have pressed myself hard despite two shots in the abdomen,” said Schar after the game ended. “I gave the victory to Germany, and Mrs. Merkel, we have done it.” He referred to the words of German Chancellor Angela Merkel about two years ago, “We will do it.” The refugee crisis.

Mahmud al-Sha’ar is the real name of boxer Manuel Shar, who was born to a Syrian father and a Lebanese mother. His mother fled to Germany with her children in 1989, after his father was killed in the Lebanese civil war.

Shar was shot dead 14 months ago by a man named Yusuf in the city of Essen. He was shot in the stomach and underwent urgent surgery. Six months ago, he underwent joint surgery in the area because of his arthritis.

Char faces a difficult task, according to the Bild newspaper. He has to reach a quick agreement with Puerto Rican striker Marc Okwendo to fight for the defending title, otherwise he will enter a vortex that may make his title worthless.

Germany attaches great importance to the sports talents of the Syrian refugees, who proclaim a promising future, in the opinion of observers, especially in the field of football such as the child Ahmed Al-Zaher, who was called “the magician.”

Mahmoud Al-Sha’ar’s victory in the World Cup coincides with calls from the extremist German Alternative Party to stop the flow of refugees and return them to their countries, causing a government crisis.

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