Haider Warda, a Syrian boxer, defeated displacement and injury and won a championship in Italy

The Syrian sports champions proved their ability to continue the championship career despite the displacement, years of war and suffering, and the Syrian boxer Haider Warda is considered one of the most prominent Syrian champions who tweeted the championships outside the home.

Warda was crowned for the second year in a row with the title of “60 kilograms” in the open martial arts championship “WFC” in the boxing category, after his victory over his Italian opponent, “Scattori Riccardo” in the final match.

Haider – who comes from Bab Al Sebaa neighborhood in Homs – participated in the championship that was held between 3 and 4 November in Milan, Italy, at the invitation of professional international referee Khaled Kakouni.

The Syrian boxer was born in 1983 and started practicing his favorite sport in 2000, and won many local, Asian and European championships and awards, including the gold medal in the championship of Kazakhstan, and the bronze in the Bulgaria and the Mediterranean tournament held in Italy in 2009.

Haider represented Syria in international tournaments hosted by his country, and he won the title of “President’s Cup” in 2005, and won the international Bokaa tournament in Jordan in 2007 and 2008.

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