A Syrian refugee plans a new success story in Germany

The Syrian refugee “Abdol Saimo” managed to achieve great success during his project for the first Syrian cheese factory on German territory in cooperation with a German family, less than four years after his arrival.
“We have had the first Syrian cheese factory in Germany since the summer,” he said. “We have since summer the first Syrian cheese factory in Germany.” Says Abdul.
The “Cham Sar” cheese factory produces 1,000 liters of milk about 180 to 200 kilograms of cheese daily.
Its cheese was admired by dozens of Arab and Turkish shops as well as wholesalers in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden, one of the largest customers of the Cham Sar factory. “We have a wholesaler from Hessen in Germany, he once told me that I would give him all I could produce from cheese and he wanted to take everything.”
One of the German families in Sunderland, Abdol, who had milk from the family farm, helped. Where he came to it and gets 30 to 40 liters of milk, which prompted the family to ask what he did with all this milk.
After the family of Reem von Georg Hoff conducted a conversation with Abdul, she found out that the latter made milk from cheese. Anna, who runs the Cham Sar factory together with Abdul, said: “This is where the idea of ​​establishing the factory came from. The idea itself was good, because there was no such thing in advance. ”
The “Cham Sar” cheese factory offers several distinct types of cheeses, such as “soft” cheeses, which are soft and consistency-like cheese, like mozzarella cheese, but are slightly salty. The second type is “sorcery” or “chunkleish” cheese, but Abdol preferred to cut the soft “municipal” cheese. “It’s the cheese I prefer,” Abdul said.

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