“The Chocolate House” Syrian lady achieves her dream in Turkey

A Syrian woman dreamed of her childhood by opening a chocolate shop in Gaziantep in southeastern Turkey, having been forced to leave her home country to escape the ongoing brutal civil war.

Lubna Halali turned to Turkey with her two daughters in 2015, coming from Aleppo after the Assad regime seized her husband, who was an army officer.

She said they did not leave their country immediately when the clashes began and waited for the end of the war, but “in 2015

Hilali told Anatolia about their arrival in Gaziantep and the difficulty of starting a new life in a new and fun country that prepared meals at home for associations and non-governmental organizations to earn a living before deciding to open their own shop.

She said she wanted to come up with different and innovative ideas in a field she had mastered since childhood.

“I wanted to do something that was not yet done,” she said, beginning with kebabs with chocolate, fast food products made from chocolate, pancakes, fruit sushi, ice cream and chocolate shawarma.

Halali stressed that her dishes meet great acceptance among the people.

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