Syrians have success stories in Egypt

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October and Maadi .. The most prominent places to gather .. Cooking food and confectionery industry .. “The Syrians taste a second” .. Perfumery .. Fragrance smells of fragrant Damascus

They are the sons of sisterly Syria, the Arab country that has long been linked by strong ties to the “Mahrousa” over many years, not ending in the age of the two countries. One entity and one state during the unit under the name “United Arab Republic”.

In the midst of Syria’s crises and the outbreak of war and destruction in recent years, many of them have migrated to many Arab countries, most notably Egypt. They have grown up and are working in many sectors of the country to doubt the addition of Egypt, which hosts them as brothers on their land. , By which Egypt is truly the “second homeland” to them.

The heart of the exclusive” .. Syrians “owners of restaurants” sometimes “.. And sellers Galon” other times “

By entering the 6th of October area, especially Al Hosary Square, you will find Syrians everywhere, from shopkeepers to street vendors around the sidewalks of “private” carriages, as if Al Hosary has become the capital of the Syrian state, Of its inhabitants, “Little Damascus,” and do not take the feet of one of the visitors to the exclusive area of ​​the Syrian restaurant known months, “Rosto”, which is one of the most important and largest and most famous Syrian restaurants not only in the exclusive but in the whole of Cairo, , But the larger branch is located in the exclusive area, which He works in all Egyptian and Syrian cuisine of all kinds due to the skill of the Syrians, especially the skill of “Abu Salah” owner of these great restaurants, who began his dialogue with the “Egyptians” saying: “I do not differ from many Syrians who came to Egypt the second country I love, Where we went through our beloved country of Syria, where the scourge of war and chaos spread everywhere in the country. ”

“I came to Egypt since the outbreak of the war in Syria from five years ago,” he said in an interview with the Egyptians. “I owned shops in Egypt called Rosto, which were the most famous of the fire on the flag, “I left my first shop in the 6th of October district where I live now. Then the branches went one by one to four branches in Katameya and the engineers. Mokattam and October. ”

“We opened our first shop with 7 of my partners so we grew up together and we have branches everywhere, as well as our constant pursuit of development, but the one who helped us is the intensity of the Egyptian market, especially people who love food and taste, especially young people.”

He asked the Egyptians about the crisis that broke out between his branch and the supply chain because of the presence of spoiled food for about two years. He said: “The subject is more than two years ago, but one of the newspapers was published and the restaurant was auctioned. If the food is corrupt or not, but in the end I was acquitted of it, in addition to that the shop sold its reputation everywhere, and there are those who do not want to progress in the Egyptian market, especially that we have expanded in many branches and the next will be better for us, God willing.

“I was not working in this field in Syria, but I was working in one of the fields of architecture,” said Ali al-Suri, a young trio who was approached by the Egyptians and who was courting his superb skill in making pastries at the Rosto shop. It was a great income, but with my coming to Egypt, all life changed completely for me, because I am changing my activity as a whole and also a patriot. ”

He added in special statements to the Egyptians: “I came to Egypt because of the circumstances that passed through the country, which is no secret to anyone, and came with me my entire family, consisting of 3 individuals, I had to sell all my house and car, in addition to the sale of my wife All you have to travel to our second country is Egypt. ”

Abizaid said in his interview: “When I come to Egypt and especially in the October area, the situation changes completely in terms of work and others. I am required to provide my family with accommodation, food and clothing, in addition to looking for any work that will cover the expenses of the new beginning for us in Egypt knowing that I do not know anyone In Egypt at all to the Syrians themselves I did not know any of them, and I tried to look for a job until I found the place “Rosto”, because the trip to Cairo took me “all I have,” so I sat for more than 6 months without any work.

He concluded by saying: “After looking for work found in the area of ​​October 6, which was not suitable for me, but under the circumstances you have to accept anything until you find what to do with your family, until I learned in that shop everything related to pastries , Because I did not know anything about her, but I learned to become a “teacher” in this profession which I am proud of now.

The Syrian Sweets Industry is the most famous of the Syrians

The situation is not so different between the owners of the Salura shops, and others, after collecting them from their homeland for reasons known to all as “war.” Two of the owners of Salura say: “We came to Egypt with a group of young people about five years ago, Which destroyed the green and land, and began to feel reassured in Egypt beloved, because of the proximity of the people of Syria in terms of environment and customs and traditions and does not differentiate anything but the population.

“We welcomed the Egyptians with great pleasure, which helped us get used to the work environment in a very quick way. We started to activate the first step by studying the situation of the Egyptian market and what can be provided through us,” they added. Then we settled on the Syrian sweets, which the Egyptians do not know much about. We started from the 6th of October area, our first branch. The Egyptian customer was not aware of what is being offered to him because of his adherence to the Egyptian product and not interested in others. We started the first steps. ”

“When the Egyptians became the main factor in buying the sweetness of us and the common factor of our month next to our good products … for science when we were selling at the beginning we sold very little until we are now exporting abroad in big markets like Europe, Switzerland and Sweden.”

The magic of Syrian perfume on the land of “pharaohs”

When you enter the Americans Street near Hosary Square on October 6, you will find the smell of perfume waiting for you. This is what distinguishes the Syrians in this place. They have been “obsessing” over the entire region for a few years. “I came to Egypt four years ago and did not differ from others who came to Egypt because of the horrors of the wars that took place in Egypt,” he said. in Syria”.

He added, in an interview with the “Egyptians”, “I came to Egypt after I received all my money to invest in Egypt, in addition to my quest for permanent work until my family, which came with me from Syria.”

“I had a perfume shop in Syria and was destroyed by the war and the house on the ground. When I came to Egypt, I met someone who helped me establish perfume. We joined the shop together until we made a quantum leap in the field of perfume. On October 6 “.

Abizaid said: “The profession of some perfumes that attract customers, including Gulf and Arab perfumes, which found great popularity among young Egyptians.”

“Syrian cuisine” in the heart of Cairo .. “Workmanship of the birth of Damascus”

When you enter the Hadaeq El Maadi neighborhood, you find many Syrians, which opens the doors to a great livelihood for them. Haj Abu Abdullah, known for selling Shawarma and other Syrian foods, especially Syrian peanuts, was one of the main meals. I came to Egypt a few years ago the impact of the outbreak of violence in Syria and the scene is difficult to continue so, the situation was very difficult, I began to excavate a shop to start the area of ​​my work and left in Syria, the area of ​​restaurants, and then found in the gardens of Maadi and It is one of the most crowded places in Cairo Accommodation near it “.

“I started working in Cairo in this branch until I was blessed with good. I began to deal more. I opened another shop next to the first shop until I started a chain of shops and now I have 4 shops,” he said.

“I started to open other areas next to restaurants,” he said. “The sweets were placed on the four branches of the shop through the division of the shop, known as the Shami farm, which is the name of a city in Syria. He said in his statements that when he landed in Cairo, The Egyptian people, which is characterized by lightness of blood and good origin. “He concluded by saying:” I hope to return to Syria after God wants. ”

Syrian mother .. works by “cooking” in order to support her children

The Syrian mother is not very different from her children, who sacrificed their country and their money and their families in order to continue life, no one denies the role of the Syrian mother when she is a reliable and not come, and then emerged the role of the Syrian mother in defense of her children in order to be with them at the hands of “When the war broke out in Syria, the devastation and great misery on us, especially after the death of my husband in the war, intensified and gathered,” said one of them, who refused to be named. All I save and have to run away from Syria, and already fled with the three children to Cairo , And that journey has gone through suffering for nothing but because you are forced to leave your country and your home without any guilt. ”

She added in her remarks to the “Egyptians”: “The pain became more difficult when he came because we do not know one but we exploited our skills and my children in the work of cooking food and processing so that we can eat, and the Egyptians were impressed by this food until we become ready for many Egyptian families in the city of October at reasonable prices “He said.

“I knew Syrian women who work in this field,” she said, “because of the love and curiosity of the Egyptians, and so the work became a lot of us. We started to divide ourselves. Each of us had an advantage in cooking, so we were ready to prepare any amount of food and Our customers are everywhere in October. ”

“I prepare the food in the morning for the customers who need it, and in the evening I start selling the pie in the field of exclusivity so that I can spend on my daughters and some of the Egyptians help them to go to school by standing by us with money. And good, but I hope to return to my homeland again is a dream I hope to achieve.

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