Learn how the Syrians contribute to the Turkish economy

Economic recovery

The number of Syrian companies in Turkey exceeded ten thousand companies calculated with the unregistered companies or those entering Turkey as partners in the work.

The contribution of the Syrians to the Turkish economy exceeded 14% in terms of foreign investments, while the economic contribution of the Syrians amounted to one billion and 260 million Turkish lira.

Syrian businessmen have focused on investment in refugee areas such as Gaziantep, Hatay, Mersin, Istanbul, Urfa, Konya, Kayseri and Bursa.

“The Syrians contributed about 17 percent of the economy of Entebbe,” said Firas Al Ali, director of an advertising company in Gaziantep. “There are more than 1,000 licensed Syrian companies operating in the industrial areas of the city, and the city is more productive than before. And became a source of products both for other states or for outside Turkey. ”

“There is no doubt that the Syrians have become an active player in Turkey, especially in the south, where most of them are concentrated, but there are still obstacles and detailed problems that need to be resolved, such as licenses and quality control of products.

“The Turks have really benefited from the Syrians who have enhanced the economic circulation in Turkish states that are overcrowded with Syrians and this will strengthen the Turkish economy in these states.

Workers at lower costs!

The unemployment rate in Turkey has increased according to official statistics, and the spread of Syrians and their constant search for work of one of the reasons that led to the impact of unemployment rates of the Turks by increasing the number of job seekers against opportunities.

Unemployment has increased to 10.3% in Turkey, while the rise in the cities where Syrians are present has been frequent, especially in southern Turkey.

Nasser Haddad, director of the legal office in the city of Entebbe, told the solution website: “The Syrians are working with cheap wages up to 150 Turkish liras per week and with a work that can last ten hours a day. This has negatively affected the workers who do not work unless they take Less than the minimum equivalent of approximately US $ 400 “.

“Turkish employers are very satisfied with the operation of the Syrians, they can be dismissed from work whenever they want, and there are several cases of fraud against Syrian workers who have not been paid while there is no evidence to prove their work with the Turkish employer.”

The employment of the Syrians in Turkey, which has helped to revitalize the Turkish economy in some states, is not limited to adults, but rather engages young people in jobs that are not suitable for their age, yet continue to work to earn their living.

various works

The Syrians invested in all economic fields in Turkey, whether commercial or industrial or service, as they entered several jurisdictions and markets and became one of the most prominent competitors, whether capital or their commercial relations.

“The presence of Syrians in the Turkish labor market has had more positive effects than the negative in terms of the new experiences that have been added to the Turkish domestic market,” said Fawaz Mohammed, director of Taiba Engineering Consulting.

“The different ways of work, products, interest and the culture of the two peoples have positively affected Turkish economic activity after the Syrians entered Turkey. We also note that Syrian traders have opened up many Arab and African markets, and I am one of those who came with African investors to shop in the Turkish market.”

“The positive influence of the Syrians in Turkey extends to all sectors, benefiting not only from its economy, but also from other areas of Syria, such as the strengthening of the Arabic language and Syrian doctors’ participation of their medical expertise in Turkish hospitals.”

It is worth mentioning that most of the owners of the Syrian companies who transferred their economic activity to Turkey directed their customers to deal with them in advance to import the goods of these companies, factories and factories from Turkey

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