$ 371 million Syrian investments in Turkey

“The annual contribution of the Syrians to the Turkish economy reached 1.2 billion Turkish lira (equivalent to $ 371 million),” the Turkish newspaper Yeni Shafak reported.

“Syria’s investment in Turkey accounts for 14 percent of foreign investments, and the number of Syrian companies has reached 6,232 companies in Turkey,” the newspaper said.

“Since 2011, nearly 3 million Syrian citizens have fled to Turkey to escape the war in their country. The Syrians have started working in Turkey in the economic field and their investments have increased over the past six years. The average investment of Turkish companies established with Syrian partners Turkey amounted to about 200 thousand Turkish lira “.

She pointed out that “the contribution of the Syrians is not limited to activity in the labor market, but also to invest in the Turkish market,” pointing out that “Syrian companies contribute to provide job opportunities for Syrians to continue their lives in Turkey, reduce unemployment and thus give a positive increase in the economy Turkish “.

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