Mayor of London congratulates Syrian refugee graduated from medical school

London – The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, congratulated Syrian student Terej Primo after graduating a doctor from St. George’s University in London.

After graduating, Teirig received public and media attention from Britain after a 10-year “journey of struggle” during which the Syrian refugee suffered fleeing conflicts and coming to four countries, the British newspaper A reported on Thursday (August 3rd).

“Congratulations to the Syrian refugee Terej Primo, the people of London are proud to have graduated as a doctor from our city,” he said.

Terej Primo, 27, fled Aleppo ten months before he finished his medical studies at the University of Aleppo. He moved with his family to live in Lebanon, where he tried to finish his studies. He then separated from his family and went to Egypt, but failed to complete his education there.

He arrived in Britain four years ago and offered to a large number of British universities, but was rejected by many of them, until he was admitted to St. George’s University in London, which gave him the opportunity to study medicine.

“I know now what the pain is, I’m ready to play my role as a doctor and ready to take care of others with all my heart,” he told the British newspaper.

The Syrian students proved their scientific superiority in the country of asylum, the last of which was Syrian student Sima al-Lala, who was honored in Hungary last week, for her high school grades in high grades.

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