Syria is ranked first in robotic surgery in Germany

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“If the situation changes for the better in Syria, I will try to go back. It is my country,” says the young Syrian doctor, Mahmoud Farzat, who did not expect to win first place in robotic surgery as a skilled and accurate surgery. Urological surgery using robot.

Farzat, 29, won first place in a competition during the European Urology Conference in Robots, Milan, Italy last November, in which he and dozens of other doctors participated.

Robotic surgery Computer technology is used as a robot-based surgical aid, and all surgeries can be performed in all disciplines. Experts and doctors believe it helps overcome the limitations of conventional surgery and enhances the accuracy and capabilities of surgeons. In the patient’s abdomen, large wounds can be avoided, reducing the recovery period after surgery is completed.
While his Greek colleague from the same section, ranked second by a large margin of the rest, according to a talk Farzat to my grapes.

The victory of the Syrian doctor after obtaining the largest number of points, through multiple tests took place throughout the day.

He adds that he is seeking to obtain the certificate, which the European Union to launch in the coming days under the name of “certified robotic surgeons,” for the doctors to surgeons with robots.

He is expected to end the Urology specialty with robot next year and confirms that he will try to open the door of robotic surgery in Syria “if circumstances permit,” after being honored by the European Society of Urology on December 16 at the European Union Surgeons’ Conference.

He studied human medicine in Damascus, graduated in 2010, and then worked in general surgery for two years in the hospital “Almjtahd” Damascus, until he left in late 2012, to pursue his studies and completion of his specialization in urinary surgery in Germany.

According to information from my father, Farazat is from the city of Hama, the son of former Minister of Public Works and Housing Hussain Mahmoud Farzat, who was part of the Syrian government in 2013, and attended the secondary school at Othman al-Hourani, the most famous school in Hama.

It is not only Farazat that surpassed and succeeded beyond the borders of Syria. My grapefruit has earlier spotted success stories for other Syrians in different countries such as America, Germany, Sweden and others.

At the end of his speech, the doctor called on dozens of Syrians in the European Union countries to focus on their goals to achieve their ambitions, drawing on the resources available in those countries.

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