A Syrian student defies language and excels her fellow Germans

Syrian student Huda Al-Khulani after being honored at the school in Germany (special grapes of my country)
This is amazing … Huda succeeded in excellence in less than three years. “This is what the teacher of the Syrian student Hoda Al-Khulani, the daughter of Daria Brif Damascus, who left with her family towards Egypt in 2012, and managed to win first place on her class and second on her school certificate Secondary school in Germany.

Hanan al-Lakoud, Huda’s mother, tells my grandmother how her daughter adapted to study conditions outside Syria. “Since coming to Egypt, Huda has insisted on maintaining her superiority during her studies at the Darya Girls’ High School,” she says.

The Huda family left for Germany, like many other Syrian families, who traveled in search of a good future for their children. The student describes how she began her studies in Germany: “It was a beautiful experience despite its difficulties. When I entered 11th grade, I was at the beginning of learning German and I was unable to read and write. Like my colleagues. ”

Huda was able to master the German language to the point of excellence when she joined the hospital during the school year and started improving her language by communicating with the medical staff there.

“In the beginning, my participation in the class was few, because I had difficulty finding what I wanted in German. After training, my colleagues and teachers surprised me by improving my language,” she says.

Huda al-Khulani is one of the most prominent Syrian students who have passed away in Germany since their arrival as refugees. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has honored several of them, including child Sumer al-Rawi in 2017, after passing the German language test shortly after.

In the Arab countries, the Syrians scored outstanding results in schools and universities. The most prominent student was Hagar Ahmed Qatifan, who received a phone call from the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, congratulating her on winning the first place in high school in the United Arab Emirates last summer (2017).

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