About $ 23 billion Syrian investments in Egypt!

Estimates of the volume of investments of businessmen and owners of Syrian capital, most of whom moved to stay in Egypt after the start of the crisis, estimated at $ 23 billion invested mostly in real estate, land, factories, restaurants and others.

The Aleppoists dominate the fabric of Syrian businessmen in Egypt.

The Syrians have owned the most important clothing and textile factories, and some of them have taken over real estate development areas in the most important and prestigious areas of Egypt.

Some of these industrialists are investors who have moved to work in Egypt as a result of the events. Many of them have the desire to return to Syria and invest in them. Some of them took loans from Syrian banks and fled and few did practices against their country during the crisis.

The government is expected to create a sound legal environment for the release of Syrian funds abroad, whether expatriates or those who have emerged as a result of the crisis. They are allowed to work in accordance with clear laws and a sound investment environment without receiving reception and distinguishing them with benefits.

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