$ 360 million worth of Syrian investments in Turkey

Union Press:

According to reports prepared by the Economists’ Platform, which oversees the program to improve the situation of the Syrians in Turkey, the value of the investments of Syrians residing in Turkey and holders of the temporary protection card (Kamlik) or tourist accommodation amounted to about 360 million dollars.

“Syrian investors have invested up to $ 360 million, a relatively large figure for refugees,” said the platform’s report on Wednesday (September 13th). “These funds contributed to the Turkish economy effectively during the last five years of asylum.”

The report added: “The number of companies established in partnership with the Syrians in 2016 thousand and 800 companies, is expected to exceed the number of companies to be established in Syria during 2017 to more than 2000 companies,” noting that the contribution of the Syrians in the Turkish economy in 2014 amounted to 90 million $ 84 million in 2015, $ 80 million in 2016, and $ 45 million in the first six months of 2017.

According to the report, Syrian companies in Turkey constitute 14 percent of the total foreign capital in Turkey between 2011 and 2017. The number of Syrian companies reached 6,322.

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