Syrian refugees in Algeria establish businesses like Turkey and Egypt

The number of Syrian refugees in Algeria is estimated at 40,000

The Syrian refugees are distributed in many countries of the world. The density is at its peak in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, where they live in and outside the refugee camps. The number begins to decline as we move away from these countries. In Turkey alone there are approximately 3 million Syrian refugees, Which Europe received together with one million refugees.
In every country where they were resolved, the Syrians’ fingerprint was evident in the markets. They worked with their capital, expertise and skills to move them to these countries to re-establish jobs and become a driving force for growth and contributors with added value to the economy.

Syrian refugees in Algeria

Algerian authorities say they have hosted more than 40,000 Syrian refugees on their territory since the beginning of the crisis in Syria. They have received assistance for residency, freedom of movement, education, access to medical care, housing and the right to engage in commercial activities. While the statistics of the Ministry of National Solidarity and Family in Algeria to the delegations of about 24 thousand Syrian refugees since the beginning of the events of the Syrian revolution in 2011.

Like other countries where they have settled, such as Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan, Syrian crafts and businesses of all kinds have spread in the Algerian streets and markets in Algiers and other cities, and Syrian brands have become increasingly popular in many streets.

The official figures issued by the United Nations indicated that the total capital invested by the Syrian refugees in Egypt and their Egyptian partners in the period since 2011 is about 800 million dollars
The reports confirm that the Syrians have mastered cooking, cloth trade and many other commercial activities. Among the names of Syrian restaurants in Algeria are Aleppo, Bab El Hara, Laila Al Sham, Chamoun, Qal’at Al Sham and others. But also on the Algerian population.

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