Syrian artists in Turkey between the margin of fame and the search for work

Gaziantep «Al Quds Al Arabi»: Do not be surprised if you collided with one of the Syrian creative artists, and told you that he does not do anything, or that he is looking for a work, although an emotional effort, this is the case of many Syrian artists in Turkey.
Ahmed Shukri is one of the most famous vocalists in the city of Aleppo. He has performed many musical works, including Andalusian Tapes and Al Mushahat. He was one of the most well-known vocalists in the country. In the Syrian TV archive, there are many songs, “And” The Mullahs Moulouya “, and participated in many concerts abroad, in Turkey, a song entitled« Thank Turkey or the mother of humanity »in addition to his concerts in Konya and the rest of the Turkish states.
“The language is the main obstacle in the life of the artist in Turkey,” Ahmed Shukri told Al-Quds Al-Arabi. “However, the Syrian artist tried to overcome it with difficulty. We managed to emulate Turkish society, to reach their hearts and to do something close to them and their culture. Many of the ideas adopted by the Turkish people towards the Syrians, and all the Syrian artist wishes to find work, to make him live with his new reality, and now we are working to find a room or a gathering of Syrian artists located in Turkey, , But to no avail because of the busy thousand Nanen works very far from the professions they mastered and lived for in response to the pressures of life.
“I have worked in Turkey in the field of religious preaching, which the Turkish brothers call ‘the gods.’ The Turks have welcomed all the Syrians, including the artists, but there are very few jobs here for the artists here,” he said.
“My qualifications and technical qualifications are well known for my past and current work, my ability and my knowledge of art and heritage and all the colors of authentic Arabic singing, and this is not for me or for others. I still ask, inquire, find work, The musicians work in construction, some of them work in leather shops, and one of my friends works as a waiter in a restaurant. Many of them play their pieces on the sidewalks for someone to come and donate a few lira for a living. ”
“There is a lot of artists without work, known for art is love and tenderness and seeing people with beautiful eyes that give them to stay and continue in life and joy, The artist must continue his work, but he can not in this reality, and with these challenges that face us as Syrian artists, the art here is very different from what we were in Syria, because of the different customs, traditions and language, and what hit him personally in the Diaspora has made me despair of this reality, For example, I can not do muscle work because my teeth do not work I do not have the right to work, but I am forced to work very poorly, because of the war on our land, which is the liquidation of interests that we have no fault of. We pay the price. ”
“I thank many artists who are starving and have no resource, no care, no group to find a solution to their harsh conditions,” he added. They have no talent but no one who embraces them and benefits from their great potentials, as long as they are within their general framework, self-critical criticism, and the truthfulness of their intentions, which drive the country’s interest and development, and not to disrespect and sedition in the host country. I add that artists in all their classes and useful activities I see nothing in Turkey because of the laws that have become shackled these activities and have no room for expression only with permission granted and no one gives it permission under the pretext of maintaining internal security »

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