Guten Gnome receives Best Independent Documentary Award in Hollywood

Syrian director Ghattafan Ghanoum won the “Excellence” award for best documentary at the Hollywood International Independent Film Festival, held at the Charlie Chaplin Ballroom at the Ralph Studios on Saturday, June 11.

The award came from his film “Moon in the Skype”, and Gnome said to my grapes that he felt joyful and oddly mixed. “You have to be in a place where Charlie Chaplin or halls passed by, Orson Wells, In the output, that’s great. ”

Statue of the Hollywood World Independent Film Commission – Saturday, June 11 (My Grape)
Statue of the Hollywood World Independent Film Commission – Saturday, June 11 (My Grape)

The winning films were screened at the old Charlie Chaplin Hall, and the awards were distributed to some 25 filmmakers from around the world. The films included several categories: short and long fiction and documentaries (of all kinds, music, screenplay, etc.).

The director of the festival received a statue of appreciation from the festival committee, which included many independent filmmakers around the world. “They usually go from independent cinema to important productions, because Hollywood is the cradle of the start,” he said.

“Freedom is the foundation of success”
“It was a great opportunity to see their films, a chance to connect with people interested in cinema, and to introduce them to the Scandinavian International Film Festival in Finland,” Gnome said.

“Every success for any Syrian in all fields is a success for all Syrians,” said Ghanom. “Success is shared by all. It is therefore gratifying and gratifying for me to hear the Syrians’ successes, which inevitably indicates that freedom is the basis for any success.”

Gnome has filmed the film (hour and five minutes) in several countries, including Syria, Greece and Finland. His artistic operations took nearly a year, and included a series of interviews with refugees who were disappointed in reaching Europe in a narrative form. European Union countries, and began to adapt to their new reality.

Ghatfan Radwan Ghnoum was born in Homs in 1976. He studied film directing and graduated from the Academy of Audiovisual Arts in the People’s Republic of Moldova in 2006. He has several films, including the feature film “Faces”, the documentary ” Bording “about the displaced and others.

Gnome runs the Scandinavian International Film Festival in Finland, which is held every September. He is a member of the Finnish Film Syndicate and aspires to deliver the voice of the great tragedy that the Syrian people are subjected to in a way that the free world accepts.

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