ART HER CENTER – A forum to support Syrian artists in Turkey

The countries of the diaspora, which the Syrians used during the war, were a new experiment. These countries became either transitional stations until the final destination was chosen, or there were those who chose to stay wherever they were.

He founded Art Hare to be a meeting place for Syrian artists and to facilitate their communication with artists of different nationalities, helping them in their new lives
In the Kadikoy region, located in the northern part of the Marmara Sea in Istanbul, the Art Hair Center, founded by Syrian artist Omar Birqdar, is a meeting place for Syrian artists to connect with artists of different nationalities. For the Syrians in the city that connects East and West.

The center provides an area for artists who are looking for artistic workshops to produce their works. It consists of three floors. The first consists of a room equipped with an image processing facility with a garden for the artists to work in. The center works on the furniture in the café. The second floor is used as a showroom and coffee shop. Cultural center at the same time, and on the third floor a business center, and an operator of painters.

The activities in which the Center participates in or organizes the various visual and audio arts, and the most recent organized on Tuesday and Wednesday Alvarin reading readings entitled “What will we do in Istanbul?” Hala Siasana and the Turkish Pisa Dulmaz Karman, with the translation of the selected texts for Arabic and Turkish. The Center also participates continuously in cultural events in partnership with Turkish or Western parties.

How did Art Hair appear?

Omar Pirkdar, 52, a photography student in Austria, says it came from the need for Syrian artists who left Syria after the revolution to meet again. He recalled that in Syria there was basically no encouragement For art or other cultural fields that were confined to the cultural centers of the Ministry of Culture, as they “did not provide any development or simulation of art in the world.”

In Istanbul, the theme is quite different. The art of art, which was founded in 2014, “arose to be a meeting place for artists, to collaborate with them on organizing art exhibitions, and to communicate with artists from “The main goal of Art Hare is a center run by Syrian artists who collaborate with other centers to offer works of art that contribute to creating a new artistic scene.

“The center provides support for any art work in various cultural fields, which, in its policy with all artists collaborating with them, is to be” high-level works of art, not a closed art that repeats what happened, “he said. In Syria, “and stresses in this regard that one of the objectives of the Center” openness and communication with artists of different nationalities and cultures so that there is a real dialogue contributes to the provision of different works. ”

Special condition for participation in cultural activities

When asked if there were always supporters of the center, Berkdar replied that he was on the verge of being able to get support from a donor organization, and often did not, because the bulk of the projects allocated were from ” Not consistent with the Center’s policy. ”

He adds that Art Hier’s effort is more about “trying to persuade donors to support Syrian artists to get some stability and be able to work on new art projects.” Here he points to an “attempt to secure self-sufficiency” through the sale of some works of art or ” In return for the organization of art exhibitions but it is not permanent, “noting that Art Hare is a non-profit organization.

On the mechanism of choosing works of art to participate in the exhibitions, Berkdar explains that they require that their work be chosen “for their artistic value, not on the basis that the owner is a Syrian or a refugee artist.” He points out that their collaborators know their sensitivity to this point, but does not conceal their exposure through ” “While the Center insists that everyone be given the opportunity to master their work, not as refugees, in which work patterns are different. Art Her demands that artists be given the opportunity to do so by virtue of their artistic work, not because they are refugees.

The artworks exhibited at ArtHare Center are selected based on their workmanship, not for their work as refugees
Communicate with an audience that does not know its language

According to the painter Ali Omar, a 32-year-old graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, his experience in Syria was limited when he was a student to participate in a joint exhibition with his professors at the university. In Turkey, he passed through three experiments.

His three experiences in Turkey summed up that his first work was on his own, the second was collaboration with Art Hare and the third with Waha by participating in art exhibitions in Switzerland, where he had the experience of communicating with regulators via Internet, The idea of ​​collaborating with Art Hare was “working with friends, having an appetite for organizing exhibitions, and agreeing on the mechanism of action through coordination with each other.”

He does not hide the problem of communicating with a different audience that does not know his language. “The visual art is an optical speech that does not require audio or literary expression, and here the audience differences are the same because everywhere in the world there are different levels of audience, This case in front of the “visual audience means every detail in the painting, the audience
Omar does not hide the problem of communication with a different audience does not know his language, saying in this direction, “the painting art visual speech does not require the words of literary or literary expression, and here show the differences of the same because because in the world, there are different levels of the audience,” which stands in this The situation in front of “visual audience means every detail in the painting, and a different audience asks other questions.”

The media treated us as refugees, not artists

Omar agrees with Art Hare to participate in art exhibitions on the grounds that he is not an artist. He adds, “I present myself in the exhibitions as an artist because dealing with us as Syrian refugees is a kind of exploitation for an issue that really exists.” In a joint art exhibition when the audience found the red color in one of his paintings and asked him whether his use of the red color was a sign of war in Syria.

“This type of reception is mainly programmed by the media,” Omar said in an interview with Ultra Voice. “The journalist, according to what he always describes,” usually comes loaded with ready questions from the media he works for. ” The end of his speech is the suffering they suffer with the media that “say on their tongue things they did not say in their answers” without being able to do anything but object to the content not to participate on social networking sites.

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