Syrian artist wins “Nile for Arab Creators”

Syrian plastic artist Youssef Abdelkali won the “Nile for Creators and Arabs” award, which was first introduced by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture this year.

The award was announced yesterday, Tuesday, June 12, in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Inas Abdel Dayem.

The award is worth 500 thousand Egyptian pounds, and Abdelkali Abdalki Sudanese plastic artist Mohamed Omar Khalil for the prize, which is presented for the first time in Egypt at the State Awards.

The Syrian artist Youssef Abdelkali is one of the most prominent artists in Syria and the Arab world. He specializes in engraving sculptures and graphics, designing posters, envelopes and logos.

Abdelkali is from the city of Qamishli, where he was born in 1951. He studied fine arts in Damascus and received a diploma from the National High School of Fine Arts in Paris in 1986. He received his doctorate from the University of Paris VIII in 1989.

Each year, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture offers cultural prizes known as the “Egyptian State Prizes”, the highest value awards, and has been awarded to a prominent figure in the arts, arts and social sciences since 1958.

The State Prize is worth LE 50 thousand, the State Prize for Excellence (LE100,000), the State Prize (LE 200,000), the Nile Prize (LE 500,000), but the Ministry added a prize New this year, is the “Nile for Arab Creators” award.

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