Three Syrian novels win the “Katara” award for the Arabic novel

The Katara Prize for Arabic Fiction in Qatar announced the winners of its fourth edition.

On October 16, the Syrian novelist Najat Hussain Abdel Samad won the prize for best novel in the category of “published Arab novels” for her novel “Not What I Tell”.

The prize in this section is worth $ 60,000, in addition to translating the novel into English.

As for the category of “unpublished Arab novels”, she won the novel “Temporary Faces” by her Syrian writer Hassan Mohammed Baiti. The prize is worth $ 30,000, in addition to printing the novel and translating it into English.

Syrian novelist Maria Mohamed Nasouh Daddoush won the best novel for her novel “The Unpublished Boys’ Novel” for her participation in the novel “The Planet of the Unbelievable.” The prize is worth $ 10,000.

The General Establishment of the Qatari Cultural District launched the Katara Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2014, announcing that it will open the door to the great and creative writers in four categories.

The award received at the current fourth session more than 1283 novel entries, according to the administration announced the award, including 596 participation in the category of “unpublished novels,” 562 participation in the category of “novels published,” 47 participation in the category of “studies and research not published,” in addition to 78 Participation in the “Unpublished Boys’ novels” category.

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