For the theater and novel category. Two Syrians win the Arab Creativity Award

The General Secretariat of the Sharjah Prize for Arab Creativity announced the results of its 22nd session, in various creative literary categories.

In a press conference held by Mohammed Al Quseir, Secretary General of the Sharjah Prize for Arab Creativity at the Emirati Directorate of Culture in Sharjah, on Monday, December 24, in which he announced the victory of 19 people in various literary categories, including two Syrians, according to the Emirati newspaper, Al Bayan.

As the Syrian, Nawras Ibrahim, won in the field of the novel about his, “His throne was on the water”, while the Syrian, Essa Al-Sayyadi won in the theater category for his play “Gilgama”.

The Sharjah Prize for Arab Creativity is considered one of the highest literary awards in the Arab world. It was launched in its first session in 1997 under the auspices of the Department of Culture and Information in Sharjah, the Emirati city, and it includes six literary categories: poetry, story, novel, theater, children’s literature, criticism.

The Secretariat’s numbers for the award indicate that the total number of entries in the award, reached eight thousand, which were won by at least 400 people from the Arab world, during the 22 sessions.

The competition requires that the submitted work has not been published before, and the first place is awarded with a prize of six thousand dollars, the second place four thousand, and the third three thousand dollars.

The Sharjah Department of Culture and Information is responsible for printing all winning works, while preserving the rights of the first edition of these works.

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