The owner of the painting “Surrealiza” embodies the reality of Aleppo with his brush

Emotions mixed with sadness and anger, expressed by science through a painting called by Syrian activists names, including: “Syrian Mona Lisa” and “Surrealiza” and “Mona Lisa Halabiya,” and others.

“I spoke about the reality in my style as a human being first, a second artist and a third Syrian, because I could not keep silent about what happened in Aleppo,” he said.

“The Louvre is the one who made the Mona Lisa Mona Lisa”
The painting took a continuous session of ten hours, according to the science, through which the tools he owned about the pain and pain felt, and considered it his way of expression, “There are people cursing and others are demonstrating,” Mirdfa “We have different means of expression and could not sleep the night painted painting “He said.

“I am not a writer or novelist, I am a painter,” he said, noting that “the work of art shortens thousands of words.” He also expressed his happiness that he painted a painting that people liked and was able to convey his message and feeling.

The Syrian artist wished that Syria would once embrace a museum like the Louvre in France, which includes the most famous painting in the world under the name of Mona Lisa, to present his work and thousands of other works that embody the suffering experienced by the Syrians and the era of the present. Mona Lisa Mona Lisa “.

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